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I'm Bia Varella, a Digital Product Leader with a heart for connecting and becoming inspired by people. Currently working at PLAY Intellectual Capital, a venture-building and business innovation consulting firm.

I’m graduated in Marketing and Advertising, as well a Digital Product and Service Design specialist. For the past 12 years I had the opportunity to collaborate with many talented people, from leading global organizations such as Google, Facebook, Samsung, Bayer, EDP, Itaú [iCarros and ConectCar], Cartoon Network, and 20th Century Fox to entrepreneurs aiming to build and launch their ventures or digital transformation projects within their companies.

Photo: Grabriela Oliveira

My expertise includes Digital Product Management, Business Innovation and Strategic Design. By understanding, envisioning and leading design, product and tech teams, I work to deliver solutions from concept to execution in a fast-paced, agile environment. 

I have dual citizenship, Brazilian and Portuguese, and an inherited need to get to know more of the world. After a year of living in India, I acquired a particular interest in the nuances and contradictions that surround human relationships. I feel it’s a privilege to be given access to people’s lives, and with that privilege comes great responsibility. Instigated by that, I co-founded an internet startup born from a lean approach combined with a desire to solve a real pain point for people who need to share a living. 

As a part-time occupation [and full-time passion], I also photograph. Through images, I can express what I cannot translate into words. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel happy about themselves, their choices, body, and soul. I enjoy challenging what we understand as the status quo and, in one such attempt, I was happy to see through one of my projects that I could instigate this sort of debate.

Feel free to drop me a line anytime to know more about me, or if you're just willing to chat about something that interests you. 

Thank you!