Role // Project manager
Timeline // January 2012 – October 2012
Type // Software design and development at Jurema

"Creating some of Brazil's most recognizable and arguably most colourful buildings - like the striking Tomie Ohtake Cultural Institute designed for his artist mother and the visually arresting Hotel Unique - Sao Paulo-based Ruy Ohtake is one of the country's most well-known and respected contemporary architects." - one of many quotes we're able to find about Ruy Ohtake and his well-known work.

To redesign his personal website in a way that could better communicate his ideas, projects and personality.

Approach and Result
Our design and ux team had the challenge of delivering a concept that would go further conventional portfolio websites. The result was to create a design that would be almost like a narrative, very visual in some aspects but still aligning with a good user experience.

Process overview
1. Requirements specification
2. Online research and benchmark
3. UX strategy
4. Interface design
5. Software development
6. Quality assurance
7. Delivery