Role // Project manager
Timeline // July 2011
Type // Research and development at Jurema
Client // Intel and Vice
Ad agency // DM9DDB

A live streaming / interactive performance / digital art experiment created for the event The Creators Project (an art and technology event promoted by Intel and Vice) along one of Brazil's most famous rapper, Emicida.

See the video here!

Jurema was responsible for setting up a way of capturing the rapper's brain signals while he live performed, freestyle, during his concert at the event. Along with that, Jurema set a screen in front of the rapper where we could see words being sent real time to him from Twitter, therefore creating freestyle rhymes with them. His brain signals were being monitored and processed into visual art, generated in real-time. The project was designed to promote The Creators Project Brasil and to test the visual data processing speed of the new Intel i5 processor.

Our "celebrity" moment, waaa-ay back in 2011.