Role // Project manager
Timeline // February 2012 – March 2013
Type // Software design and development at Jurema

Uniflex is an Elubel company, a brand well known for the manufacturing of sun protection products for homes, such as blinds and shades.

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The story
To increase sales and enhance customer experience, Uniflex approached Jurema to get a website redesign and develop their first iPad application, aimed to help architects, interior designers and customers to get a better visualization of the product's materials, colors and specifications. This way, facilitating the buying decision.

While the Website redesign aims to approach those users that have some time to read further into product listing and specs, the iPad app had a very specific UX strategy.

The team aimed to provide an experience where the client (buyers or architects) were able to visualize the material as in real life, with its size very close to what would be if the person was actually holding the textile.

Process overview
1. Requirements specification
2. Online research and benchmark
3. UX strategy
4. Interface design
5. Software development
6. Quality assurance
7. Delivery

What I learned
This was a project where we had a huge amount of information that needed to be uploaded in the new admin. Most information where still in PDFs, so basically the manual work was to transfer all that to an admin and take control of the work done so the information wouldn't get lost.